Control Chart Generator

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In short : Just load of raw data format using the provided templates and you're done !
More guidance needed ? Not familiar with the theory behing staticitical process control ? Then let's proceed step by step.

Choosing the right type of control chart

First of all, please note that we'll keep the things simple. Our aim is to make able to get a control chart in minutes even if you are completely new to statistical process control and we will not go into the details. We are also cutting all the details regarding the data collection process.
Several types of control charts exist. The selection of the right type of chart is based on the type of observed characteristic. We can differentiate 2 main categories :

Measurements and variable control charts

To make it simple, you can use these control chart if collecting data involves the measurement of a continuous variable such as a length, time or temperature

Attribute control charts

You can use these charts if the data collection involves counting or calculating a proportion. For instance, it can be a number of defect per unit, a number of products returned per unit of time,...

Creating a control chart

On the home page :
1- Select the type of control chart
2- Download the excel template and replace the data provided as an example by your own data. You can include as many lines as you want, or add as many columns as needed to adapt the size of subgroup you are using.
3- Upload your data
... And you are done with these 3 simple steps.
You may even the second steps if your data is organized as needed. The expected format does not change, so may take use it directly from the data collection steps.

Interpreting a control chart

Work in progress. Come back soon!