Control Chart Generator

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This site has been built in order to offer a free and convenient way to build control chart as per Shewart rules. These charts can be used for statistical process control, lean management and six sigma projects.

This site is aimed to be an alternative to :
- Statistics and quality management softwares, covering a much larger scope than this site but representing a high cost..
- Statistics programming languages, demanding a extensive learning period.
- The few excel templates available on the web, sufferign restrictions regarding the number of records, requiring a lot of tweaking depending on the data and desired layout, and preventing the distribution of progressive improvements.
It allows the direct input of an Excel document under a format that can easily be obtained from a formula, using a table or a database query, without the hassle of extensive copying, pasting, re-organizing and reformatting.
New functionalities are regularly deployed on the controlchartgenerator to facilitate its use and to fine-tune and customize your control charts.

Control charts are a useful tool but it has to be used as part of consistent management approach. I recommend the book 'The Executive Guide to Understanding and Implementing Lean Six Sigma'. It is a great ressource to support a six sigma approach !